IIT&FM Research Center

Center for the advancement of research on information integration theory and functional measurement

The IIT&FM Group is an informal group of psychologists inspired by the theory of information integration developed by Norman Anderson at the Department of Psychology of the University of California San Diego. They meet biennially in different countries in a symposium called the International conference on information integration theory and functional measurement.

The aim of the group is to expand our knowledge of information integration processes and related research methods in all fields of psychology. The group devotes a substantial part of the studies to solve real-life psychological issues.

Important contributions of young researchers working in the field of information integration theory may be found in the proceedings of the IIT&FM conferences available on this website. The following is a list, made by Norman Anderson himself, of senior investigators in the field:

“Andrea Abele, Danny Algom, Margaret Armstrong, Richard Atkinson, Fabiola Azar, Michael Birnbaum, Richard Bogartz, Jerome Busemeyer, Clifford Butzin, Edward Carterette, John Clavadetscher, Diane Cuneo, Ebbe Ebbesen, Arthur Farkas, Isabel Fonseca, Robert Frank, Eric Fruchart, Harry Gollub, Joana Gonšalves, Cheryl Graesser Stecher, Reid Hastie, Clyde Hendrick, Samuel Himmelfarb, Joeri Hofmans, Wilfried Hommers, Edmund Howe, Steven Hubert, James Jaccard, Bill Jones, Martin Kaplan, Edward Karpp, Michael Klitzner, Vladimir Konecni, Anita Lampel, Jeneva Lane, Manuel Leon, Irwin Levin, Rhoda Lindner, Lola Lopes, Jordan Louviere, Olivier Mairesse, Larry Marks, Sergio Masin, Dominic Massaro, Robert McBride, William McGuire, Philip Moore, Etienne Mullet, Maria Teresa Mu˝oz Sastre, Geraldine Nagy, Kent Norman, Ann Norman Atkinson, Gregg Oden, Armando Oliveira, Thomas Ostrom, Peter Petzold, Dwight Riskey, Barbara Sawyers Canady, Anne Schlottmann, James Shanteau, Anna Silva, Elsie Simms, Ramadhar Singh, Lennart Sj÷berg, Paul Sorum, Ralph Stewart, Colleen Surber Moore, Susumu Takahashi, Nuno de Sß Teixeira, Peter Theuns, Frederik van Acker, John Verdi, Giulio Vidotto, Ricardo Viegas, Dengfeng Wang, Ming-Shen Wang, David Weiss, Friedrich Wilkening, Yuval Wolf, William Wright, Robert Wyer, Jen-Shou Yang, James Zalinski, and Shu-Hong Zhu” (Review of General Psychology, 2013, 17, p. 125).