IIT&FM Research Center

Center for the advancement of research on information integration theory and functional measurement

Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference
on Information Integration Theory and Functional Measurement

Anderson, N. H.
Information Integration Theory: Unified Psychology based on three mathematical laws

Duarte Silva, A., & Oliveira, A. M.
Do faces and body postures integrate similarly for distinct emotions, kinds of emotion and judgment dimensions?

Fruchart, E., & Rulence-Pâques, P.
Mapping handball players’ reactions to aggression during a sporting event

Guédez, A. G.
Societal risk perception by laypersons living in Venezuela. A Latin countries comparison

Hommers, W., & Görs, M.
Information integration of Kohlbergian thoughts about consensual sex

Masin, S. C.
The weight of light

Morales, G. E., & Rogé, B.
Blame attribution among people with developmental disability

Mullet, E., López López, W., Kpanake, L., Mukashema, I., Armange, R., Kamble, S., Guédez, A. G., Pineda Marín, C., Muñoz Sastre, M. T., Sorum, P. C., & Nieto, F.
Functional measurement in the field of ethics in politics

Peled-Laskov, R., & Wolf, Y.
Information trading in terms of brokers' functional cognition: An exploratory single participant experimentation

Pereira, T., Oliveira, A., & Fonseca, I. B.
Brain activation follows adding-type integration laws: Brain and rating responses in an integration task with pairs of emotional faces

Sedkaoui, S., & Mullet, E.
Mapping French people’s views on chemical castration of child and adolescent sex offenders

Viegas, R. G., & Oliveira, A. M.
Comparing adults and adolescents regarding the scope insensitivity of value curves: A functional measurement approach

Weiss, D. J., John, R. S., Rosoff, H, Baumert, T., Buesa, M., Gómez, J. G., Valiño, A., Shavit, T., Rosenboim, M.
Worth the risk? Terrorism-induced fear of flying

Yehuda, L., Wolf, Y.
Empathy as a foot in the inter-ethnic door: Facilitation of positive bilateral perception among Jewish and Arab students in Israel