IIT&FM Research Center

Center for the advancement of research on information integration theory and functional measurement

Proceedings of the Second International Conference
on Information Integration Theory and Functional Measurement

Weiss, D. J.
Using nominal data to examine information integration

Vidotto G., Massidda D., & Noventa S.
Averaging models: Parameters estimation with the R-Average procedure

Noventa S., Massidda D., & Vidotto G.
Initial conditions in the averaging cognitive model

Van Acker, F., & Theuns, P.
A comparison of Web-based and face-to-face Functional Measurement experiments

Masin, S. C., & Busetto. M.
Tests of rating models

Muñoz Sastre, M. T., González, C., Lhermite, A., Sorum, P. C., & Mullet. E.
Do ethical judgments depend on the type of response scale? Comparing acceptability versus unacceptability judgments in the case of life-ending procedures

Mairesse, O., Hofmans, J., Neu, D., Oliveira, A. L. D. M., Cluydts R., & Theuns, P.
The algebra of sleepiness: Investigating the interaction of homeostatic (S) and circadian (C) processes in sleepiness using linear metrics

Hilgenkamp, H., & Shanteau, J.
Functional measurement analysis of brand equity: Does brand name affect perceptions of quality?

Brengman, M., Wauters, B., Macharis, C., & Mairesse, O.
Functional effectiveness of threat appeals in exercise promotion messages

Moore, P. J., Chrabaszcz, J. S., & Peterson, R. A.
The cognitive processing of somatic anxiety: Using functional measurement to understand and address the fear of pain

Theuns, P., Verresen, N., Mairesse, O., Goossens, R., Michiels, L., Peeters, E., & Wastiau, M.
An experimental approach to the joint effects of relations with partner, friends and parents on happiness

Cocco, A., & Masin, S. C.
The law of elasticity

De Sá Teixeira, N., Oliveira, A. M., & Amorim, M.-A.
Combined effects of Mass and Velocity on forward displacement and phenomenological ratings: A functional measurement approach to the Momentum metaphor

Bayless, S., & Schlottmann, A.
Skill-related uncertainty and expected value in 5- to 7-year-olds

Hommers, W., & Lee, W.-Y.
Unifying Kohlberg with information integration: The moral algebra of recompense and of Kohlbergian moral informers

Da Pos O., Baratella, L., & Sperandio, G.
The effect of illumination on gray color