IIT&FM Research Center

Center for the advancement of research on information integration theory and functional measurement

Proceedings of the Third International Conference
on Information Integration Theory and Functional Measurement

Fruchart, E., & Mullet, E.
Factors involved in the intent to move from one team to another among handball players

Fruchart, E., & Carton, A.
How do amateur soccer referees destabilize a match?

Vicovaro, M.
Intuitive physics of collision effects on simulated spheres differing in size, velocity, and material

Hofmans, J.
Individual differences in equity models

Yang, J.-S.
Cultural generality of the integration of obligation and other motives

Schlottmann, A., Harman, R. M., & Paine, J.
Averaging and adding in children’s worth judgements

Hommers, W., Lewand M., & Ehrmann, D.
Testing the moral algebra of two Kohlbergian informers

Van Acker, F., & Bakker, E.
A functional assessment of the impact of advantages and disadvantages on breastfeeding attitude

Mairesse, O., Macharis, C., Lebeau, K., & Turcksin, L.
Understanding the attitude-action gap: Functional integration of environmental aspects in car purchase intentions

Vidotto, G., Massidda, D., Noventa, S., & Vicentini, M.
Trusting beliefs: A functional measurement study

Theuns, P., Baran B., Van Vaerenbergh, R., Hellenbosch, G., & Tiliouine, H.
A cross-cultural experimental approach to the contribution of health, religion and personal relations to subjective satisfaction with life as a whole

Mairesse, O., Neu, D., Migeott, P.-F., Pattyn, N., Hofmans, J., Theuns, P., Cluydts, R., & De Valck, E.
Judgment of daytime sleepiness in self-reported short, long and midrange sleepers

Mullet, E., Morales Martinez, G. E., Makris, I., Rogé, B., & Muñoz Sastre, M. T.
Functional measurement: An incredibly flexible tool

López-López, W., Pineda Marín, C., Murcia León, M. C., Perilla Garzón, D. C., & Mullet, E.
Colombian lay people’s willingness to forgive different actors of the armed conflict: Results from a pilot study

Mullet, E., Sorum, P. C., Teysseire, N., Nann, S., Morales Martinez, G. E., Ahmed, R., Kamble, S., Olivari, C., & Muñoz Sastre, M. T.
Functional measurement in the field of empirical bioethics

Noventa, S., Massidda, D., & Vidotto, G.
Is there a need for more than three models?

Weiss, D. J.
The use of Factorial Forecasting to predict public response

Viegas, R. G., Oliveira, A. M., Garriga-Trillo, A., & Grieco, A.
A functional model for the integration of gains and losses under risk: Implications for the measurement of subjective value