IIT&FM Research Center

Center for the advancement of research on information integration theory and functional measurement

Proceedings of the Fourth International Conference
on Information Integration Theory and Functional Measurement

Bakker, E. C. & Van Acker, F.
Message framing effects on breastfeeding attitude: a functional measurement experiment

Bugay, A., Sorum, P. C., & Mullet, E.
The acceptability of physician-assisted suicide as a function of circumstances: A preliminary study of Turkish students’ views

de Castro Gonçalves, J., Mónica Oliveira, A., Cunha Batalha, L., Fernandes, A. M., Viegas, R., & Duarte Silva, A.
A functional measurement approach to the Children’s Anxiety and Pain Scale-CAPS: contributions to its construct validity

De Sá Teixeira, N. A., Oliveira, A. M., & Duarte Silva, A.
An information integration study on the intuitive physics of the Newton’s cradle

Fruchart, E., & Rulence-Pâques, P.
Condoning aggressive behaviour in Sport: A comparison between professional handball players, amateur players, and lay people

Guédez, A. G., & Mullet, E.
Venezuelan adults’ views on the indivisibility of human rights: A preliminary study

Heimann, M., Mullet, E., & Bonnefon, J.-F.
Legitimacy of executive compensation plans: A preliminary study of French laypersons’ acceptability

Hommers, W., & Schütt, A.
Cognitions about friends’ opinions in moral information integration

Kamble, S., & Mullet, E.
Young Indians’ views on the appropriateness of the death penalty as a function of circumstances of crime: A preliminary study

López López, W., Pineda Marín, C., & Mullet, E.
Views regarding national policies about illicit drugs: A pilot study among people living in Bogota

Mairesse, O., Turcksin, L., & Macharis, C.
A policy-based weighted averaging model to predict green vehicle market shares

Masin, S. C., Crivellaro, F., & Varotto, D.
The intuitive physics of the equilibrium of the lever and of the hydraulic pressures: Implications for the teaching of elementary physics

Menezes Fonseca, A. C.
Resentment, forgiveness and revenge among violent people incarcerated for property offense

Neto, F., & Muñoz Sastre, M. T.
Acceptability of adolescents’ abortion: Effect of religious involvement and current legislation on people’s views

Noventa S., Anselmi P., Tagliabue M., & Vidotto G.
Functional measurement in consumer evaluation of market products

Petitfils, C., & Muñoz Sastre, M. T.
French laypersons’ views on surrogate motherhood: An exploratory study

Popa, B., Guillet, L., & Mullet, E.
Cultural differences in the appraisal of stress

Sequeira Neto, J. M.
Portuguese people’s views regarding the legitimacy of bonuses for senior executives in time of global crisis: A preliminary study

Tira, M. D., Tagliabue, M., & Vidotto, G.
A functional measurement study on averaging numerosity

Vera Cruz, G., & Mullet, E.
The impact of skin tone on perceived facial beauty: A two-culture study

Vicovaro, M.
Intuitive physics of free fall: an information integration approach to the mass-speed belief

Weiss, D. J.
Evaluating cognitive models at the group level